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Robert S. Varnay

“If one is mentally out of breath all the time from dealing with the present, there is no energy left for imagining the future.” Elise Boulding

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Each person’s journey to invest in their wellbeing is unique, with the greatest growth often coming after difficulties…which are faced with courage and resolve.  Clients are invited to attend to their “problems with living,” enhancing their strengths to enable flourishing in daily life and movement toward greater self-efficacy.


Specific issues affecting the health and functioning of children and adolescents can be addressed to help them through a difficult period, life decisions, and emotional or behavioral problems. Children's challenges can be addressed within the context of the family, and with the involvement of parents. 


Couples counseling provides a safe and neutral environment where each person can express their thoughts and feelings. Together we explore the relationship history, communication styles, differences and similarities in family backgrounds, cultures, as well as personalities. In short, anything which could be placing extra stress on the relationship may be discussed. 

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